New York State of Mind // Bagels & Lox at Two Planets Café

As an expat, speaking poorly of German bread is practically sacrilegious. Lest I want the Ausländerbehörde to hunt me down and boot me from this fair land, I’ll hold my tongue on the topic of the German loaf, except to say that in living here, certain carb cravings are left unrequited. I’ve got one word […]

Dumpling Love // Chinese food at Shaniu’s House of Noodles

How do I love thee, Berlin? Let me count the ways. Let me not, actually. There are so many things I love about Berlin, we’d be here for hours. One thing I don’t love about Berlin, though: its Chinese food. Having grown up in Taiwan and being half-Taiwanese myself, I’ve eaten a lot of Chinese/Taiwanese […]

Semper fidelis // The Tempelhof pet cemetery

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” -Charles M. Schulz I love dogs. Love them. I love tugging gently on their floppy, furry little ears. I love the nose-nuzzle they do when they’re vying for a dose of your affection. I love the warm, cozy smell of a dog’s belly when it unfurls after a long sleep. I […]