In Excelsis // Mexican eats at La Gloria, Neukölln

*Update: Sadly, La Gloria has since closed. But happily, it’s been replaced by the very nice Roamers Cafe.* Once upon a time, I was but a naive young grasshopper, living in that other part of Neukölln up on top of the hill, nearby an overgrown airport tarmac fenced off with barbed wire. Tempelhof wasn’t yet […]

Kleiner Müggelsee // A perfect summer day at the lake

The first thing you’ll notice when stepping off the X69 bus is the warm, sweet scent of pine wrapping you in its olfactory embrace. Between the hundreds of lakes, canals, rivers and waterways, Berlin has no shortage of choice when it comes to outdoor swimming. What makes Kleiner Müggelsee special amongst this glut of options […]

The Schrebergarten Diaries // One girl’s adventures in Berlin-style urban gardening

I am the proud owner of a Schrebergarten, a.k.a. a Kleingarten–you know, one of those expanses of fenced-in gardens you’ve most likely seen from the S-Bahn. The English translation of the word, allotment garden, doesn’t really do the concept of Schrebergarten-ing justice. For there is so much culture and tradition and politics behind these little […]

The best of 48 Stunden Neukölln

One of my favourite events of the year is coming up this weekend: 48 Stunden Neukölln. From Friday evening until Sunday evening, the district is awash with an absolute flood of cultural events, from exhibitions to installations to screenings to performances to plain old parties and everything in between. All of it free. So many […]