Play It Again, Sam // Watch classic romance every Saturday at midnight

Berlin is not exactly a city of romantics. There’s Paris for that, or maybe Venice. Berlin is a city of cynical singles and loners, right? A city of darkroom trysts and Tinder dates, not monogamy and forever-afters. Hoping for romance in Berlin is like going to a vegetarian restaurant in search of a good steak. […]

Game Time // Hertha BSC Football at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium

Perhaps I should start with a few details about myself. For starters: I do not like large, raucous crowds. (Especially large, raucous crowds that have been drinking copiously.) I do not like getting very cold, a state that results when one spends long lengths of time outdoors in late November. I do not like excessive […]

So Berlin // Perfect piano concerts in Wedding

“Das ist so Berlin.” So goes the current slogan of Zitty magazine. The ad agency behind the campaign was on to something, because people love to sum things up as “so Berlin”–at least I hear it all the time. Pants-less man passed out on the U-Bahn? “So Berlin.” Spontaneous open-air techno party on the Oberbaum […]

The best of 48 Stunden Neukölln

One of my favourite events of the year is coming up this weekend: 48 Stunden Neukölln. From Friday evening until Sunday evening, the district is awash with an absolute flood of cultural events, from exhibitions to installations to screenings to performances to plain old parties and everything in between. All of it free. So many […]