Picture This // Art for loan at Mitte’s Artothek library

Once upon a time, for our parents’ generation maybe, it seems there were clear milestones that marked entry into adulthood: first proper office job, buying a home, getting married, becoming a parent. If it ever really was that straightforward, it certainly isn’t anymore. I’m in my 30s and most of the time I don’t feel […]

Play It Again, Sam // Watch classic romance every Saturday at midnight

Berlin is not exactly a city of romantics. There’s Paris for that, or maybe Venice. Berlin is a city of cynical singles and loners, right? A city of darkroom trysts and Tinder dates, not monogamy and forever-afters. Hoping for romance in Berlin is like going to a vegetarian restaurant in search of a good steak. […]

Your New Favourite Little Movie Theatre: Il Kino in Neukölln

Forget Netflix. Nevermind online streaming. Sometimes, nothing beats going to see a movie the old-fashioned way: you know, putting on actual clothes, leaving the house, and going to sit in a theatre with one’s fellow mankind to be entertained for 90+ minutes. I like going to the movies with friends (provided they’re not the kind […]

So Berlin // Perfect piano concerts in Wedding

“Das ist so Berlin.” So goes the current slogan of Zitty magazine. The ad agency behind the campaign was on to something, because people love to sum things up as “so Berlin”–at least I hear it all the time. Pants-less man passed out on the U-Bahn? “So Berlin.” Spontaneous open-air techno party on the Oberbaum […]