Your New Favourite Little Movie Theatre: Il Kino in Neukölln

Forget Netflix. Nevermind online streaming. Sometimes, nothing beats going to see a movie the old-fashioned way: you know, putting on actual clothes, leaving the house, and going to sit in a theatre with one’s fellow mankind to be entertained for 90+ minutes. I like going to the movies with friends (provided they’re not the kind […]

Happy Birthday To Me // My kind-of-perfect Berlin day

I had a birthday recently. And while I’m not a fan of making a big deal out of the day, I do have two simple rules for the occasion: to do something nice for myself, however small, and to buy myself a present — however small. As luck would have it, this year my birthday […]

Fresh Air Films // Berlin’s Love Affair with Freiluft Movies

One of the things I love about Berlin is the city’s penchant for the out-of-the-ordinary. When it comes to movies, for example, going to the overpriced, over-air conditioned megaplex is the least popular option. Not only are there plenty of small, independent neighbourhood Kinos that have somehow managed to survive (Kastanienallee’s Lichtblick Kino and Friedrichshain’s […]