Show Me The Honey // The Mitte store that’s the bee’s knees

When I first moved here, the city was an absolute stranger. But now, eight years later, Berlin is as familiar to me as a long-time lover you’ve spent so much time with, you could identify them by the sound of their footsteps or the smell of their B.O. I’ve got my favourite vendor at the […]

Happy Birthday To Me // My kind-of-perfect Berlin day

I had a birthday recently. And while I’m not a fan of making a big deal out of the day, I do have two simple rules for the occasion: to do something nice for myself, however small, and to buy myself a present — however small. As luck would have it, this year my birthday […]

New York State of Mind // Bagels & Lox at Two Planets Café

As an expat, speaking poorly of German bread is practically sacrilegious. Lest I want the Ausländerbehörde to hunt me down and boot me from this fair land, I’ll hold my tongue on the topic of the German loaf, except to say that in living here, certain carb cravings are left unrequited. I’ve got one word […]