Feel the Burn // Real-deal Sichuan noodles in Mitte

I am not exaggerating when I say this brand-new restaurant in Mitte is a literal dream come true. Yes, there are some decent Chinese restaurants in town, if you know your way around a Chinese menu and order carefully. But there has never been a place that I fully and unconditionally love with every single […]

Picture This // Art for loan at Mitte’s Artothek library

Once upon a time, for our parents’ generation maybe, it seems there were clear milestones that marked entry into adulthood: first proper office job, buying a home, getting married, becoming a parent. If it ever really was that straightforward, it certainly isn’t anymore. I’m in my 30s and most of the time I don’t feel […]

A Peephole to the Past // The Kaiserpanorama at Märkisches Museum

“There was no music in the Kaiserpanorama – in contrast to films, where music makes traveling so soporific. But there was a small, genuinely disturbing effect that seemed to me superior. This was the ringing of a little bell that sounded a few seconds before each picture moved off with a jolt, in order to make […]