Dumpling Love // Chinese food at Shaniu’s House of Noodles

How do I love thee, Berlin? Let me count the ways. Let me not, actually. There are so many things I love about Berlin, we’d be here for hours. One thing I don’t love about Berlin, though: its Chinese food. Having grown up in Taiwan and being half-Taiwanese myself, I’ve eaten a lot of Chinese/Taiwanese […]

The Sweetest Thing // Sawade, Berlin’s oldest chocolate maker

The trend of shopping and eating locally is a trend worth supporting, in my opinion. So let’s just say it was a philanthropic drive to support a 133-year-old local business that took me to a chocolate factory up in Alt Tegel. Philanthropy, not gluttony. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I was working […]

Game Time // Hertha BSC Football at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium

Perhaps I should start with a few details about myself. For starters: I do not like large, raucous crowds. (Especially large, raucous crowds that have been drinking copiously.) I do not like getting very cold, a state that results when one spends long lengths of time outdoors in late November. I do not like excessive […]

Meet Your Meat // A chance encounter with Wilmersdorf’s Salami-Mann

All last week, work took me out to a corner of Wilmersdorf that I’ve never spent much time in, but was happy to have the opportunity to explore. One more thing I love about Berlin: The city never feels either too big or too small. I can stay bound to the little village that is […]